I am  a writer, and I am working vigorously to complete my novel entitled, “A Mirror A Reflection Of Darkness.”  I am also completing my poetry book entitled, “Life Journey & Experiences Through My Eyes.”  I have lost my home to foreclosure and all my utilities have been shut off.  I am using the public library to complete my work.   I am volunteering at The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust for the last sixteen years

I need your help in helping me to prevent homelessness for myself.  I want to acquire this home at 1818 Oxford Road, Grosse Pointe, Michigan  48236.  Kindly and generously help me raise $180,000.00 to purchase this home.   Will you help me by making a generous donation to me.  You can donate to me through Paypal at tgoahhct@hotmail.com or you can snail mail your donations to ATTN:  Cathy Prather Russell, PO Box 36686, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan  48236.  Here is a poem entitled, “The Gift Of Giving,” as an appreciation for your gift.

The Gift Of Giving

Give to those who are in needy,

See that woman or that man sleeping on the streets.

Open your heart and please be kind,

Give to those who need just a moment of your time.

Feed the hunger, clothe the naked and provide shelter for the homeless,

It only takes an act of compassion to give for just a moment.

May it be a little, or may it be a lot,

You can change anyone life by just giving what you got.

So give generously from your heart,

Just the kind words, “I love you,” is the beginning of a great start.

The Gift Of Giving is an act of compassion, love and kindness,

To  share with each other, give hopes of love and be accounted among the world finest.

Give some coins, give some dollars and give time to volunteer,

To give a gift to a person in need, and the joy of seeing them smiling from ear to ear.

The Gift Of Giving shall spread all over the land,

If we all will unity as one and as one take our stand.

So let your spirit be filled with the joy of giving,

Let your heart rejoice and knowing your gift has enriched someone life in giving them the hope of living.

By Cathy Prather Russell

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